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Full Version: HP-41Z update available.
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A new version of the HP-41Z Complex Number Module is already available for downloading (see the web's other site).

The new version includes 64 Complex Numbers functions, expanding on the original set. Now with full LASTZ support in every function. It includes a mass-key assignment option (ZKEYS) for all Complex versions of the standard functions. It also fixes the "SST discrepancy" - wrong results in SST execution.

This version is pretty much the *final* one. A complete source code listing is also available, in case you're interested in looking under the hood.

I'll welcome any feedback you may have!


Hi, Angel;

Congratulations! What a master piece! The "blue print" is almost a "low-level programming how-to". It's a quality document and the additional comments made it a must to those (like me) who want to understand and dare on HP41 machine language.

Thank you!

Luiz (Brazil)

URL, please?

I would also like to have to source to finally kick of my pre-Saturn assembler learning phase.

[V. <)P. <)N.]

Luiz, thanks for your kind words. The 41Z project was a lot of fun, and I've learned a couple of tricks while doing it, it isn't rocket science (most of the functions are logical extensions to the 41 OS), but I'm glad it's all documented now in an open forum.

Now it's time to "cast it on Clonix-stone"! (although its V41 incarnation is of course much faster!)


Hi Ángel

Very impressing your work on HP-41 programming. I would be glad to understand only 50% of what you do.
But as you know I´m a collector. In the past you released about 2-3 versions of Sandrom and arround 2-3 versions of 41Z. Did you add a Version code in CAT2? Otherwise it would be difficult for me to see, what version I have...
Is this a stupid idea or a small thing to do for you?

Greetings from Switzerland


Matthias, if you execute the first function (XROM 01,00) that will give you the version info on the display.

But I don't see a reason to keep the previous versions around, anyway. Just save the last one.


Angel - what is the URL for this?
Sounds interesting...


I cannot post the URL here, per a request of this museum's curator - that I respect.

You can find it in google, search for "v41 emulator" (without quotations).


Are you the author?
I found one by Warren Furlow...

I'm the author of the 41Z Complex Number Module. Warren's the author of the emulator.