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Full Version: nigerians answering FS ads
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just posted a FS ad on the classified board, it only took
less than 5 minutes for one of the nigerian scammmers to
email and ask for a price on "10 quantity" (i only have and
advertised one); anyone else get inquiries by these fine gentlemen?

I got a email from one of these guys, he wanted 10 of my Avaition modules. When I told him I only had one he offered me $60 for the single unit. I told him I would have to wait a week to think on it, and being suspicious, also told him I could not ship item until payment is recieved. (thats a given on nearly any transaction).

Anyway, I take it they're not to be dealt with?


The guy just asked me for a HP laptop as well, and he would like me to ship this with the order. I think he thinks we represent HP in someway, perhaps he thinks we are an HP outlet? lol.

be wary ray; they do send payment - a BAD check or m.o., or
ask you to accept payment for a couple thousand dollars, claiming their "friend" in this country who they owe a bunch
of money to will accept the items PLUS the overage! they are constantly changing their methods of scamming, they hit
my websites now and offer to buy large amounts of goods for
shipment to nigeria; they are not to be trusted in any fashion!

Ah yes, the same group. I should've known.

Eitherway, I did not send them anything, nor did I plan too. I always investigate overseas transactions thoroughly, and it turns out that's a good thing, not just a paranoid habbit. :)

Thank you for the warning,


A common trick they try to play especially with larger merchandise (like tandem bikes) is to say that they have someone waiting to take the product on its final leg to its destination, so they want you to send a check to that party along with the product, the amount of which will supposedly be covered in their payment to you. The scammer sends you a money order that they hope you will think is as good as cash, you send the merchandise, and then find out that the money order was bogus, perhaps as much as a few days after you deposited it. Our bank is now working with the FBI and other agencies to break a Nigerian ring that uses deceitful E-mail to try to get people to tell them their card numbers and PINs. If anything doesn't seem 100% right, make sure you do _not_ give the other party the benefit of the doubt.

These contacts are definitely the prelude to a scam. There are entire web sites dedicated to exposing these frauds. Most of these scams are for a lot more money than the "gentleman" from Nigeria seems to be fishing for on this site, and many are tied to "charities".

Some of the people who run the sites spend large amounts of time and effort "scamming the scammers". The results are often hilarious. There is a VERY funny site called www.419eater.com which some of you may enjoy perusing. I am not affiliated with it in any way, I have just enjoyed reading of their escapades.

Beware, there is language on the web-site that may offend some people.

Take care.


Edited: 5 May 2004, 7:31 a.m.

There is a VERY funny site called www.419eater.com

I enjoyed the back-scam! :-D


That 419 site was a riot. I haven't laughed this much in a long time.


Anyone who can con a con-artist into having a picture taken of himself holding a fish on top of his head is alright in my book.

Take care.