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Full Version: HP 42S printer annunciator
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I have a question / problem. Any time I execute a shifted key other than math operations, the print icon comes on the screen. The icon does not go off if I use the "POFF" command. It only goes off when I key the shift print followed by the "PRsummation" selection. Then I get a "Printing Is Disabled" message.
But the next time I key a shifted command like clear, it's back again.

Help would be appreciated.



I'd guess your HP42S is set to TRACE mode, but the annunciator would go off by itself after printing. Have you placed an HP82240A or B in front of it to "see" if there's anything actually being sent to the printer?

Also, have you considered a memory clearing (Memory Lost) procedure? I mean, if you don't have it filled with long programs or important data (all data and programs are iomportant, but if they can be keyed back in, then it's a matter of having the time and pacience...), a clearing procedure may restore original condition. The HP42S has no external access to a hardware reset, but the [EXIT]/[SIGMA+]/[XEQ] should be enough. If not, short circuiting the battery terminals (remove batteries first) for five to ten seconds would also be fine. Of course, if you want to give it a try. This is just a guess, I'm not sure if the memory clearing will also solve the problem. BUT if it doesn't, I also cannot think of anything else but IC terminals with external short circuit (any sort of durt) or a faulty IC.

I wish I could help more.

Luiz (Brazil)


I had removed the batteries for over two hours, then replaced them without any change. The exit/sigma/xeq did solve the problem. Thank you very much. I thought that leaving the batteries out of the calculator for two hours should reset it but obviously not. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.