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Full Version: HP42S LCD Character Set TTF will be updated
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Hello, folks;

as I mentioned in my post when introducing new TTF files, some "adaptation" is required when using actual uploaded files from an HP42S (IR output with PRP "program_name") to an HP48G running INPRT (48S/SX) or inprt.gx (G-series).

After a few experiences, I got to the conclusion that extra characters are needed in some positions so the listings "collected" with INPRT are easier to handle. If those "forbiden" positions are also easier to define, there would be no problem, but I don't know any way to do that.

So I decided to generate a copy of the existing HP42S character set and reorganize some character positions. Unfortunately this is not a "complete" (neither better) solution, and I'm ready to hear from you. The "new" TTF is named HP42S CharSet 3 INPRT and it uses the same pattern used to create the previous HP42S CharSet 3. Using each of them will be up to the user: if one has an HP42S-related text already typed in and he/she is using a "popular" text processor, adding non-regular LCD characters demands the same procedure as adding any symbol character.

I decided to let both TTF available instead of trying to find one single "best" solution that would partially compromise each procedure. If any of you test both fonts and find a better way to organize the characters, please let me know. I'll promptly change one of the fonts till the final solution is actually the one that fits all needs possible.

The INPRT version is not ready yet, but it will be soon announced (I'll use this thread).

Cheers and sorry for the inconvenience.

Luiz (Brazil)