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Full Version: German Website Help
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Is there someone here who can read technical prose in German and who would be willing to scan a website for me? I am trying to ascertain if Stolte-EDV is still selling HP-compatible RAM cards (they've got excellent prices). Their website has German and English variants, but the English version appears to be down. Looking at the German version, I can't translate enough of the text to be sure of anything.

I've also e-mailed, but have received no response, so I'm either being ignored or they are not actively in business. Perhaps the website explains this, I can't say.

If someone could take a quick look at this and tell me what they think, I'd appreciate it. The URL is:

www.stolte-edv.com (or simply Google "stolte-edv")

Thanks in advance.

Good morning Steve. I visited the website you are interested. As it appears to me they got what you where looking for. On the fist tab (HP-Taschenrechner) the list an option for internal expansion cards which are enlarging the BASIC memory to 128/256KB or more. This is for a HP 48 SX7GX. The cards are usable as internal or non-proprietary memory via RAM/ROM-port. The cards have an optional write protection switch. In a SX calc you can use either port one or two for both purposes. On a GX calc port one is for both purposes and port 2 would be non-proprietary memory only. In a S or SX version you have to add the memory for good (not exchangeable) and you get a G or GX respectively as a result. The prices they announce in the adds are including labour for the calcs and you would have to expect a 5 day delivery period. I hope that the answer you are looking for is somewhere in my text. If you have a specific question please feel free to contact me again. Greeting from Switzerland. Stephan

The mention memory cards at some place, but they are not listed.
I guess a quick email will help a lot more than this answer ;)


I think these are *internal upgrades* not *memory cards*. The prices mentioned are only valid with the purchase of a new calculator - that would only make sense for internal upgrades...

Stephan and Frank, thank you both for your assistance. Based on both of your comments, it looks like I need to talk to Stolte directly, if possible.

As I mentioned, I tried to e-mail them once (at least I think the e-mail got to them...) but there was no response.

Stephan, could you submit an e-mail to them through their website for me? Simply say that I'm trying to contact them and give them my address, SLSeto@aol.com. If they don't respond to that, I'm going to assume that they are no longer in business.

Thank you both again for your kind assistance...

Good morning Steve. Sorry for answering so late. This morning I wrote an e-mail to Stolte and copied you in. Basically I told him that you are interested in Memory cards that you weren’t able to reach him and asked him to send you a mail. I hope we have any success. Let me know if it worked out. Read you soon Stephan

Edited: 4 May 2004, 2:47 a.m.

Stephan, thanks again. We'll see what happens...