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Full Version: TI Programmer Battery
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I know this is a HP site but I hope you can help me ... I need a battery for an old (30yrs) TI Programmer calculator ... any suggestions ?

You can rebuild the pack (fastest, easiest solution), if you still have the walwart charger. If it has a 9V battery plug (some do), you can just gut the battery pack and then use a 9 V battery.

Else check with a Ti site (forget off hand, but a google search should give you one). You can buy rebuilt packs or buy a Ti-55 or compatable calculator and rob its pack for your calculator. I only give the Ti-55 as an example, its pack may not be compatable (I have a cross reference chart, but it is at home and I am at work). The Ti-55 is usually cheap and readily available, but be warned, all these calculators are 30 years old and their battery packs are also probably shot.

You could have someone rebuild you unit here as there is nothing really tough about rebuilding a battery pack and it is best done with a resistive welder vs solder (though I use solder often, since I no longer have access to a resistive welder). Actually, I try to buy battery packs of the cells I use from Radio Shack in cell packs which works best.

The best work is usually done by those who do it most often. If you value this somewhat rare Ti, and want a professional job, contact an Hp repair guru for best results. Older Ti's do not generally warrent the fees or attention of these guys, but the programmer is a more rare model than most.

Take a look at this, look for the BP8 battery pack for the TI-30 family (TI Programmer included).

(just for the curiosity, I have them both)

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The battery packs such as the BP-7 and BP-8 use two rechargeable NiCad cells with a circuit board which bootstraps the 3 volt output of the cells up to the 9 volts used by the calculator. When the cells go bad the typical result is damage to the paths on the circuit board. I have about two dozen of the battery packs but only a couple which have workable circuit boards. I suggest that you arrange to patch in a nine volt battery.

Hopefully this will be the only time I'll have to retype this - I'm at a library, and the internet access computers run Windows 98, so not suprisingly, the computer decided to hang as I tried to post this message the first time.

There is more info on fixing these battery packs on, not suprisingly, the TI calc collector website:


This also contains a link to a site where replacement converter PCBs are sold. I've been meaning to buy one or two myself.