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Full Version: 41CV to 48G+
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Is there anyway to get the programs from a 41CV to a 48G+? I have programs stored on cards that took years to develop that I would like to be able to use on the newer model.

Yes. What you need to do is get one of Hrastprogrammer's emulators. They run on the 48G+, and give you a 41cv (or cx etc as you choose). They are awesome. I only use the free one, and it is impressive; for you, there might be an advantage to buying the full-fledged version--it might give you more IO or something (I don't I/O my 41 programs on my 48).

check out


Best of luck!


A little more:

Since you have a 48G+, you can use the full-fledged version, as you have 128 kB, so look at the info for the 48GX.

You might even consider the 49G version.

The HP 49G advantage is the internal RAM of 256 Main and 256K extra

- perfect for these emulators

Also there is 1MB of Flash, which does not need batteries.

The Equation Writer is incredibly faaast and it has a CAS HELP system for the commands

Downsides: [ENTER] is small, keys have a different feeling, Equations library has to downloaded from net, IR is missing, there are no slots.

(but the extra RAM and Flash compensates that and are of great value compared to the price of the extra Modules for the 48GX)

I can recommend that model for your purposes.
I don't know if the very fast 49g+ can use the emulators?
If there is somebody that have tried them with the 49g+ let us know...


No, they currently don't work on the 49G+.