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Full Version: (HP-33s & HP-49G+) ENTER key size & position -- It's insidious . . .
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Apparently (for me at least), RPN/RPL operation is far more significant than the actual position & size of the Enter keys.

I just picked up my trusty HP-32s -- my former favorite knock-around calculator -- and kept pushing "R/S" when I meant to push "ENTER".

I could bemoan my (d)evolution, but I must admit that I've become accustomed to the new layout.


But you also must admit that you don't have a choice if you want to use one of those new calcs.

I don't think I'll ever seriously use one of the newer hp calcs without that ENTER bar.
However, my SE T630 has the 'ENTER' key in the middle of the top row, because it's where you need it;-)