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Full Version: HP to PC
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I have data files that were created on an HP-71 with a surveying program chip (stored on floppies). Is it possible to download them in a usable form to a PC CADD program, and if so, how?

Dear Andre,

yes it is possible. Use the EMU71 software from Jean-Francois Garnier (which supports real HP-IL features) and a HP82973 HP-IL/PC interface card (16 bit ISA -slot).

Regards - Christoph Klug

Hi Andre,

You can even use the freeware Emu71 version, which can directly read LIF discs (you will have to use a "not so new" PC and OS: LIF access doesn't work on NT or Win2000, but works well on Win9x, and DOS of course). Then you can write DOS files from Emu71.

Of course, feel free to get the registered Emu71 if you like it :-)