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Full Version: Casio FX-880P
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I know that it is not normal to ask for this item. I have 6 HP48Gx , but now i have the opportunity to buy the FX-880P calc and the SHARP PC-E220, what do you think? Prices are good. Will you buy them? I have looked for information, but i want opinions.
Many thanks

Dear Bhakosha,

My first calculator/computer was an CASIO FX-850P. This calc was brillant tool in chemical technician school, and other areas at home.

The power consumption of it was very low: runs on original batts 19 months (see the manual: they wrote 4.5 months - I used it on every day.)

The keys are works perfectly, it had good feeling when I typing.

The LCD had good contrast, and it adjustable. (It haven't got graphical LCD, it's not a very good... With user definied characters it is solvable, but not perfect.)

It have got built in library, all programs wrote in BASIC, and the list of this progs are available on the WEB.

The CASIO BASIC is perfect for this little machine. I wrote many-many progs on it.


Then - when I went to the university - I bought an HP32SII, then an HP48SX (and a HP15C, and HP17BII, and so on... ;) ), and I forgot my old calc. The HP's SOLVER was very powerful, the RPN, and 'keystroke programming' was the vinner. Sometimes I write little progs on the CASIO, but not really use it.

I think the CASIO FX-850P/880P is a great machine. Slim, with metal house, fast program running, good language, enough memory, etc...

I like my CASIO!

Best wishes:

Thanks,for your comments, Tizedes.
I will see tomorrow.

From a pure calculator collector point of view, just run for the PCE-220, as the Casio is currently on sale (not too expensive).

However, the Casio is better on ergonomy alone, is thin and has the lovely metal case we would wish any decent machine. It has only 2 lines of 5x7, non graphical, characters. A good machine.