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Full Version: PRIDE - a semiconductor ROM for the HP41 on ebay - seen this before?
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For the collector who has to have everything! :-)

Note: I'm not selling this or related to whoever is selling it.

First time I've ever seen this particular 41 rom.

Hi Gene, folks;

Thank you for this "call", Gene. That would be nice working with this ROM and a nice HDL (e.g. Verilog) to develop IC's. In fact, as all HDL intend to generate a final IC by using "description language", this PRIDE (I wonder what does PRIDE stand for...) ROM allows designer to define IC's components final dimensions.

As a poor comparison, HDL is somehow a "high-level" development language, while PRIDE allows "assemble-level" development, being IC design the main subject. At least, if I understood it well.

I'd like at least having this ROM image. Will anyone here try to "get it"?


Luiz (Brazil)

Luiz, you know me.. I will publish the image on all people not bidding on that item.