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Full Version: HP trade-ins
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I think HP used to do trade-ins where you sent back an old calculator and they gave a discount on a new one. Does anyone know what the history of this is? If they did this do they still do it? If not when did they stop?

I'm thinking of trading in an HP49G for the '+' version.

With the value of old HP calculators HP could make a profit out of this by selling them on to a repair company who could fix up some of them 8^)

EduCALC offered TIP (Trade In Program). I could look through old EduCALC catalogs if you wanted the particulars of what credit was given for each model.

As far as I know, this was strictly an EduCALC thing, and was not offered by HP.


the problem could be: to whom should 'hp' sell a 49G ?
Since the 49G isn't that asked for, and in no way comparable to an HP-41, HP-71, or any other more classic HP calc, regarding overall value, including repairability, I doubt that 'hp' will take back these one-way toys;-)


I know that TI had a calculator trade in program.

I had my HP-67's gummie wheel repaired two times by Corvallis. When I sent it back the third time in the early 90's they advised it could no longer be repaired and offered a trade in deal for a HP-42S. I said no, and it was returned.


You could probably get more on ebay than you would have gotten if you had traded it in.