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Full Version: HP 42S Book
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I recently acquired a HP42S with only the user guide. I ordered the hpmuseum CD1 to get the programming guide.

Is it worth it to get this book I found on amazon? It is called "An easy course in using the HP-42s". Or is the programming guide enough?


Hi, Dennis;

If you're talking about Grapevine's Coffin&Coffin publication, beleive me: it's a must! This is the funniest way I have ever seen a calculator being explainned. Dan and Chris Coffin have also written other "An Easy Course In..." gemms, realted to the HP41, HP12C (still being printed), HP48 and many others. They actually show the best of the calculators the best way. I have both "An Easy Course in Using the HP42S" and "(...) the HP48S", both original printing, no copies.

Even if you are an experienced user, Dan and Chris will find a way to show you something the calculators can do in a way you were not aware of. Reading is believing.

There is another book you'd like to have, if you are an Electrical Engineer or if you deal with Electricity. I have it in hands right now, but I don't knw where in h... did I see its front cover (at least I am sure I did not throw it away...) and I don't remember its title. I'll find it and post its title later, O.K.?


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 19 Mar 2004, 3:20 p.m.