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Full Version: NoVRAM (Cloned HEPAX) site update.
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Hi all,

For those still interested in the HP-41 universe... here you are some pictures, comments and a Clonix loadable file regarding the latest step on the NoVRAM project.


I'll keep you informed on the NoVRAM developement progress.

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm, both are great parts of projects success.

Best wishes from Spain.


Cool stuff !!!



BTW: Did the letter arrive?

Hi Raymond,

...and thanks! I'll try to do my best during the next weeks and find a solution for the remaining issues, namely, the HEPAX auto-paging and the RAM auto-initialization after a power OFF/ON cycling. Currently it must be initialized manually. Anyhow the RAM contents remains unchanged even after the module (breadboard) is disconnected, but if you erased its contents the HEPAX cannot restore the filesys automatically (as it should). I've wrote a small program to achieve this task though.

I can't tell for sure if your letter has already arrived. I picked up a note off my mail box regarding a registered mail from Germany when I came back home about noon, and I think your letter is in the post office right now. I'll mail you next Monday as soon as I confirm that point.

I know it's a long time, but remember we're on elections and post offices are *really* overburden with a lot of parties propagandism extra mailings... apart from that, the safety control measurements have been -at least- doubled in the postal service (and in many other services too) due to the terrorist attack on Madrid last Thursday.

Best regards form the very sad Spain.


Hell, Diego;

I tried opening the page you added the link to but I was not able to. As I see, Raymond succeeded, and you are both in Europe. Does anyone here ath the Americas succeed as well? Maybe the DNS server I'm connected to is faulty.

Just as a revference, the single www.iespana.es returns a no valid index found warning/error message. Is there a mirror?


Luiz (Brazil)

I have no problems opening it from here, although it comes with some annoying console pop up windows.

No problem viewing the web page here in California either.

Hi there,

Luiz, I'm sorry to know of your troubles to reach the Clonix site.

So far I'm not aware of any mirror site to which I can address you, anyhow I'll gladly send you the pictures and files regarding the NoVRAM and/or Clonix projects.

Yes Miki, popups and banners are *really* upsetting for me too... though I've found that the "Google bar" makes a nice job cleaning the "path" as I walk thru the 'net ;-)

Have a nice Sunday.


Hi Diego, guys;

thank you all of you who gave the feedback related to page access.

I can see it, now. And Diego... Wow! What a piece of mindjob we have here, pall! Great! I thought I would not see protoboards anywhere else but my own lab. Man, it's outstanding! Congrats.

Can I add one small request? Is it possible to provide PCB layout with separated sides? I mean, two drawings instead of a double-side, blue-and-red single drawing? I have no specific SW to generate/read PCB layout (except for D.O.S. Tango and an earlier OrCAD... Yeah, I know, I'm a stone-aged guy...). Also, will you disclose the schematics??? Ahn?

I'm adding my e-mail address, so if there's anything else you can send me about the project, I'd be glad reading and seeing.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 14 Mar 2004, 7:24 p.m.