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Full Version: Flashing asterisk on HP11C
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I dropped my HP11C for the umpteenth time in 18 years the other day. But this time it stopped working. A few days later I tried to turn it on again and it worked! (self-healing? I knew these were good, but come on!) But now there is a little asterisk blinking on and off in the lower left hand corner of the LCD. Does anyone know what this means? (The batteries are fine - they are brand new.)

Thanks in advance for your help,
Kristin (who didn't know how much she loved her little 11C until it stopped working)

Hi, Kristin;

the flashing asterisk is intended to announce low battery condition. Anyway, after dropping AND stop working, it seems to me a cleanning procedure will "keep the ghosts away".

Remove the batteries and clean each one with a soft, dry peace of anti-static fabric OR use any other static-safe cleanning procedure. Of course, batteries are composed by metal in the outside, and static will not remain there. I'm worried about your hands and fingers, because you'll have to hold the batteries to insert them back, right? q;^)

You can also clean the battery contacts of the calculator (inside the battery compartment) after removing the batteries. They demand more care. I remember reading that isopropyl alcohol (is it spelled correctly?) is a good choice, but I am not entirely sure. Anyway, moysted material are mainly less static-conservative than dried ones.

I hope you have your "babe" back to work. And you're right: you don't know how much you care for something until you loose it... or think you have.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 11 Mar 2004, 5:59 a.m.