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Full Version: 17B display question
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I love my HP 17B (old I know but some of us get better with age). Problem is that somehow I have switched comma for decimal and vice versa. For example a number display of ten thousand will show 10.000 whereas five dollars and sixty one cents will display 5,61

I have searched all over the web and can not find how to set this back. I think it's some kind of european display feature. Closest I could get was instructions on how to change this on the 12C but of course that doesn't work on my 17B. Anyone?

Many thanks

What's wrong with <DSP> <SK3>?



The choice between period and comma is probably in either the DISPLAY menu or the MODES menu. I do not have a 17B, but that is where it is in the 27S, 19B, 42S, and 32SII.

Cheers, Tom


The manual for the HP 17BII+ should help.



Exchanging Periods and Commas in Numbers
To exchange the periods and commas used for the decimal point and
digit separators in a number:
1. Press D to access the DSP (display) menu.
2. Specify the decimal point by pressing F or G. Pressing
F sets a period as the decimal point and comma as the digit
separator (U.S. mode). (For example, 1,000,000.00.) Pressing
G sets a comma as the decimal point and period as the digit
separator (non-U.S. mode). (For example, 1.000.000,00.)

Press DSP
Press .

That should do the trick