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Full Version: calculus refreshers, free textbooks online
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I used to love calculus. That was close to thirty years ago however, and my "calculus neurons" have not been excercised much since then. I'm assuming that there might be a few of us around and might appreciate some refreshers. There was a link posted on slashdot.org today with a review of five "free" text books available online. With all the fancy hardware most of us have, it might be fun to excercise some of those old neurons and calculator keys which have fallen into disuse...



Edited: 8 Mar 2004, 1:31 p.m.

Thanks Bill!!! I am about to teach my 15 year old son some Calculaus this afternoon. One of teh referecnes in the link you mentioned is good. We will also be using a graphics calculator to doubkle check teh derivatives of functions!