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Full Version: .rom and .bin again...
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I finally got the time to play with EMU41, but I soon discovered why I did stop some time ago.

I don't have any working method to convert .rom files to .bin

clbin41 file.rom file.bin /x

does not return anything and the resulting file is zero length. I am running it under windoze 2k.

Any clue? What f%$!&%$£ kind of format a .rom file is ?

Giuseppe Marullo


clbin41 file.rom file.bin /r

does the trick - and the filename is limited to 8 chars.


I tried both /r and /x ... it does not work.
It seems like something goes wrong, the file is created with a 0 length.

C:\Apps\Emu41>dir pp*.bin
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 54BD-E0DA

Directory of C:\Apps\Emu41

03/08/2004 10:36p 0 PPCL.BIN
1 File(s) 0 bytes
0 Dir(s) 73,338,880 bytes free

C:\Apps\Emu41>del ppcl.bin

C:\Apps\Emu41>clbin41 ppcl.rom ppcl.bin /r

C:\Apps\Emu41>dir pp*.bin
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 54BD-E0DA

Directory of C:\Apps\Emu41

03/08/2004 10:45p 0 PPCL.BIN
1 File(s) 0 bytes
0 Dir(s) 73,375,744 bytes free



the syntax 'clbin41 file.rom file.bin /r' produces an error with my version of clbin41 (V1.2 JFG 01/10/97)

Do you have a different version?


You should maybe get the latest version of Emu41. This is what I got running the same thing :

Cvbin41 : convert lst files into bin files for emu41
Syntax: cvbin41 file.lst file.bin [/x]
cvbin41 null file.bin : create empty file.bin
/r convert unpacked rom file into packed bin file
V1.5 JFG 2002

C:...\EMU41>clbin41 ppcl.rom ppcl.bin /r

C:...\EMU41>dir ppcl.*

12/31/1998 10:00 PM 8,192 PPCL.rom
03/08/2004 06:18 PM 5,120 PPCL.BIN
2 File(s) 13,312 bytes
0 Dir(s) 26,383,679,488 bytes free



My version is
V1.5 JFG 2002


Using clbin41 utility for creating / convertinmg ROM-image files for EMU41

Actual version = V1.8 JFG 2004

clbin41 name.lst name.bin = convert .lst file into .bin file

clbin41 null name.bin = creates empty .bin file

clbin41 /r name.rom name.bin = convert unpacked .rom file into packed .bin file

clbin41 /b name.bin name.rom = convert packed .bin file into unpacked .rom file

clbin41 /? = view help text

With this utility EMU41 is the ideal tool for creating .rom files for CLONIX...
Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

Ok thanks Miki and all, it was the wrong version. Now I have 1.5 and it works, I have converted from .rom to .bin

But...Christoph, where did you get 1.8? :)

I am wondering which is the latest registered and freeware emu41 versions...

Dear Giusepe,

I am registered user of the full version of EMU41 :-) Yesterday I get the new version 1.8 directly from Jean-Francois Garnier.

Converting .bin to .rom works correctly, and I need this for creating .rom files for programming CLONIX.

EMU41 is the optimal software tool for creating rom-images for CLONIX. EMU41 is able to disassemble (creating a .lst file) with virtual Zenrom, furthermore EMU41 includes virtuall mass storage and virtual RAM-BOX features for handling rom images. That is all you need.

Therefore EMU41 is the leading tool for HP41 enthusiasts who have available minimal hardware equipment : You only need a HP41, the IL-Module and the HP-IL/PC Interface Card for creating individual ROM-images for CLONIX.....

Again : Jean-Francois - thanks a lot for your great support for EMU41 and the world of today HP41 enthusiasts :-)))

Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

I asked because I am a registered user too 8P
I solved downloading the freeware part from the website, now I have the same clbin41 Miki has, and it worked.

EMU41 is a great piece of software indeed, I hope he will migrate to the rs232/usb soon, so the pc board will not be required anymore, today ISA bus is archeology.

I have all the stuff mentioned (except CLONIX), together with my bleeding VISA.

BTW, when the european HP dudes meeting 2004 is going to be held? I would like to know J-F and others, as the 2003 meeting. Just don't host it Iceland, somewhere around swiss could be enough...