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Full Version: TI-89 Titanium
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I have no idea whether this is a joke or is real. I came across the following link:


What a letdown. I wanted an SR-52 Potassium instead!


Edited: 5 Mar 2004, 5:08 p.m.

The TI-89 Titianium is an upcoming upgrade to the current TI-89.



I have some old restored SR-52's... I guess you could use one while eating some salt.

All you'd need is some fresh lime and tequila.

The SR-52... what a brick! Had to be the biggest thing the nerds could ever attach to their belts!!! Terrible card reader, too.... pre-recorded tracks, terrible timing, difficult to fix the readers... they literally turn into "gum"... I thought, "how strange, someone put gum inside this calculator"... it's what was left of the card reader roller....! (I used rubber faucet washers and lathed them to the right diameter). Motors tend to seize over time, also, requiring lubrication of the delicate gears.

The keyboards were prone to destruction by corrosion, the connections were fragile.... I could go on and on. BUT... when working, they are interesting. VERY bright displays, very fast calculations, and certainly a "solid" feel under the hands!!!! Probably would make for decent ballast, too.

Have a great weekend....

I have 3 SR-52 and all have good keyboard; no bouncing. I don't know if it's the same techonlogy as the TI-58 series because 58 series keyboard is bouncing a lot but not the SR-52, SR-56, SR-50 too. Ti changes his scientific calculator quality a lot down since 10 years BUT their graphing calculators are very good quality; they know it need to resist teens hands in high school.. :-)

For the main subject, yes it's true, TI-89 titanium; not a lot of difference with the original one. Silver metal faceplate (humm, like the 33S) and more memory for flash apps.

look at the link there :




And a nice looking BAII+ metal edition too ;-)


BUT NOTHING NEW AS A SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR, so ti don'T have any thing to propose to compete the HP-33S :-(

Edited: 5 Mar 2004, 8:33 p.m.