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Full Version: Has anyone else noticed the constants on the 33s?
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I might be just slow, but I did not notice the constant library on the 33s till today. (I was actually reading a message on another forum, and someone pointed out the many constants.) Having not noticed them, but remembering the CONST in the original image, I took it out, and there it was: some 40 physics constants.

Wow.... so is there anything else I totally missed from this calculator?

I feel quite silly now.


What unit system?


Which makes them almost useless to a Civil Engineer working in the US (at least in Virginia).

Take care.


Just got mine today. SI is no surprise. (I usually use "cgs", myself - not much problem to mentally convert the exponent) The constants are very "physics-oriented". I doubt they'd be much use to a civil engineer in any unit system - unless civil engineers use Avagadro's number, h-bar or the fine structure constant more than I'd guess. :)

Avagadro's WHAT? Isn't that the number of molecules in a mole or something? I once dissected a mole that I found dead in my yard, but a lot of its molecules were already missing, so I was unable to verify that number.


In all seriousness, there really are only one or two on that list that I use regularly, and I already know the English Units version of those in my head. It should be useful for students (and physicists I suppose) so I certainly have no problem with it being including on the calculator.

Take care.


PS - Of course, Avagadro's Number is universal (at least in our known universe) so I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to classify the constants as "SI". The ones I would use are SI, though.