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Full Version: In talking to HP Customer Support...
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1) I'm sending my HP49G+ back for a replacement. Sounds like the keyboard of the new batch is much better than the original.

2) I also learned of the possibility of having L() and G() [Let and Get] in future versions of the HP17BII+. I was told six months (probably when they release the HP19BII+).

So HP will add functionality to the 17BII+? Would they allow current owners to return them for a replacement unit (as they do with other models that had bugs)?

Also, does anyone know how to become a beta tester? I am an MBA student and would love to get my hands on a pre-production 19BII+! Especially since I'm taking finance next term.


Also, does anyone know how to become a beta tester?

Simply purchase on when it is available. That is how you become a Beta Tester with the new HP.

The person I talked to mentioning trading models, but I don't make it a certainty.