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Full Version: HP-37E "low" battery
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My HP-37E works and look like new but even with brand new batteries, the red LED indicating low battery is always on. The calculator recently develop this problem after i dissambled the calculator and ressambled it. After i realize the problem, i open it again and clean every contact but always the false warning. All the display is crispy bright LED so i'm sure the calculator don't miss power. Can it be a discrete components one the power supply board? Which one? I remember someone here told me to ajust a small potentiometer on My HP-25 that has the same problem and it solve the problem but as i look on the 37E, no ajustement screw on this model...

I have seen these machines indicate low battery when new, fully charged, modern technolgy cells are installed. They all returned to normal operation after the machine ran for around 15 minutes after each charge. There is no adjustment pot in the Spice series machines.