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Full Version: 49G problems
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I have been wasting a ton of time on the following problems, so I thought I'd give the message board a shot:

1). How can I get ALL the flag options to be visable? Right now, when I go into MODE>FLAGS I can only see flags 01, 02, 03, then 14, 19-22, 27-29, 31....

2). I cannot update variables by pressing the left arrow and the variable soft key. Also, I have noticed that when I want to return the only name of a variable by entering 'varname', it returns the value.

I'd appreciate any help!!

The flags you don't see are either not use, this is the case of -4. Or they are coding something, flags -5 to -10 code the size of binary numbers from 1 to 64 bits.

As for the variable problem I don't know what is wrong. Make sure to use the ['] key before typing the name.


No way you can get all the flags visible

you may recall them using RCLF and then set your calc in BIN mode

You are in ALG mode?

Press [MODE] and check to RPN


I am in RPN mode, and I am typing ['] before the variable softkey. However, it actually evaluates the variable when entered. I can only update my variables by going through the file tree and selecting 'Edit' - very time consuming!!

I think I found the problem. I wasn't releasing the LS key before pressing the variable soft key! Thanks for the help!