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Full Version: Buttons don't work on 32SII
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Hi Folks,

I rely on my 32SII evryday as a scientist. But recently many of the buttons became unresponsive. Only some of the numbers were hard to enter at first, but now many buttons do not respond - even when I press HARD!

Is this a common problem that is easily fixed?

Seeing as how used 32SII's command top $$ I would like to fix this. Or should I justy get a new (ugly) 33S?


Try to press the middle of the calc just under the screen.
If the calc works again, this means it is too old.
It is however possible to operate but I wouldn't risk it myself, apparently the 33 is quite good.


Arnaud - Whoa that works! When I press there the keys work again. What does that mean? Why do you say "it is too old"?


Right under where you pressed, there is a piece of foam that maintain the keyboard connectors in place. As it gets older, the foam loose its spring and the connection fails to happen.

Openning the 32SII involves a drill in the right places. Once open you can put a tiny piece of whatever to make the foam thicker and with lots of luck when you manage to put the calc back together, it will work again.

My advice, get a 33 it seems very good and not so ugly.


Where are you finding the 33s at and how is it with respect to quality?

I don't have one myself yet. I just read about it on this forum.


Hey Arnaud,

Do you happen to know a remedy for non responsive keys on the HP 49G? my row involving ALPHA, 7, 8, 9 and times doesn't work. Every thing else works.


The problem above is caracterised by columns of keys. The 49G is I believe slightly different. It is the first time I hear about this problem so I have no idea how to cure it.
Maybe try to phone HP support even if your calculator is not under warranty anymore. I have been told they are quite helpful