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Full Version: SandBox Sequel ROM
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Greetings everyone,

I've put together a small set (a 4k page) of math FOCAL programs, based on the Advantage ROM capabilities and as examples of many of the SANDBOX ROM functions.

Its contents covers the usual suspects, or rather extensions to them:

- enhanced matrix editors and routines,

- special functions (Bessel, Gamma, Beta, Dseta)

- polynomial roots (any degree)

- polynomial curve fitting (Valentin's finest)

- polynomial interpolation (as posted by Ulrich Deiters)

- *simple* complex math (SIN, COS, TAN, LN)

- and a few others

It also has a set of MCODE functions to create and manipulate buffers (as written by David Yerka), sort of an extra bonus if you want.

Notice that I'm not a mathematician, but an EE. Most of the programs were originally written during my college years many moons ago. Some are powerful but very slow - which BTW can be obviated using V41 in turbo speed.

I'll be glad to share it with anyone interested. Just let me know, and if the interest is there I could see to post it on the web.


I would be interested to get them.

After spending many hours with the fantastic 8k Sandbox how could I not be interested in yet another great compilation!!

you've got mail :-)

Bill, thanks for your kind words. This "collection" is close to my heart, as it's a set of old math programs rewritten to take advantage of some of the SandBox functions.

I'm working on an MCODE version of the Harmonic Numbers (used in the definition of the Bessel functions on the second kind), will send you the updated ROM as soon as it's ready.


Dear Angel,

nice to hear about your new module project : The mcode function set for working with buffers sounds interesting.

Are there functions included, to read/write the buffer and to transfer (send/receive) the buffer contents by HP-IL ?

Than we have a powerfully substitute solution for advanced features of the Development Module. Working with buffer would be a great feature for HP-IL applications – beside the common command set of the EXT-I/O module...

Regards from Hildesheim to Karlsruhe – Christoph Klug

Hi Christoph,

Nice to hear from you... I should have known that this would catch your attention :-)

The buffer functions are quite general-purpose. They are to create and populate buffers from the contents of data registers. It's a mix of the DAVID Assembler REG<>BUF plus those fine ones programmed by David Yerka to create and find buffer addresses.

Note that it's far from being a fool-proof solution. For instance, buffers created with "MAKEB" don't survive a power-off-on cycle... but having said that, you could use them to transfer the contents of the HP-IL buffer to another one...