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Full Version: HP42s RPN Scientific Calculator
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This Survey Unit of the Ministry of Lands,Survey & Natural Resources needs to buy seven(7) types of calculator shown above, but we don't know the available place.

thank you,

Sorry to telkl you, but your Department is about 9 years too late.

As others may have already told you, this model was discontinued several years ago. They are still available on Ebay and sometimes on the classified ads forum on this site, but they are highly sought after. You must be prepared to pay considerably more for a used 42S in very good condition that the new price when they were still in production. Good luck, Don

The only place you will be able to buy any 42S calculators will be on eBay. You will also have to commit to bidding between $250 to $300 for each one. The 42S is something of a prized possession and has been steadily increasing in price. Unless the 33S is a huge success, I don't see the price for the 42S to drop anytime soon.

I agree with the other posts .... eBay is your main source for old HP42S calculators. This reminds me of an old Arabic saying "A Khalif that buys his supplies from eBay is a desperate one!"

Hello, there is one on Ebay for way below the price. Check the item number: 3077888187

Thanks for this boar technical support