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Full Version: Sony Ericsson P800 [Enter] Emu48E [+] HP-41X [+] => HP-41 with me all the time :-)
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Cannot resist to write this ... I just installed HP-48 emulator called Emu48E on my Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Then I installed my HP-41X emulator on top of the Emu48E and the result is that now I am carrying both HP-48 and HP-41 with a few most used modules in my pocket wherever I go ...

Cool....Just bought a Sony E T610 phone myself. Think of the calculations you can do while holding a phone conversation!

Please... what kind of mobiles admit emulators, what OS they run? Any Nokia? Sorry for my ignorance...

Please... what kind of mobiles admit emulators, what OS they run? Any Nokia?

Those with Symbian 6/7, I suppose, like Nokia 9210 and Sony Ericsson P800/900.

Look at the http://psiomas.free.fr/emu48e_en.html for more information ...

Excellent idea! Thanks, Hrast

This approach could really reduce the number of gadgets you have to carry around. Though all of us adore the feeling of an old HP's keyboard, etc. IMHO, if I have an emulator of an old HP in my mobile phone, which is always around with me, I always have the FUNCTIONALITY of that calculator available.

If I take my mobile into my hands to calculate something, nowadays it seems normal. If I take, say, my HP34C (the best of the bests, as Norm would say), people around me just ask too many questions...

Thanks Nenad,

I agree ... in many cases functionality is just enough. For example, beside the usual calculations, I can develop all programs I need using HP-41X/42X/71X running on HP-48GX and then upload them to the emulator(s) running on mobile phone and take them around in the pocket ... Much easier then with the real calc(s). Beside 41/42/71, I hope I will be able to add 12/15/16 to my virtual collection, one day :-)