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Full Version: HP-82973A software
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I'm looking for two sortware to "wake up" my HPIL/PC card. I read here and there that there is "LINK PLUS" for older machine and "TRANS41" for newer one available for the card. Can someone tell me where to download these, probably, vintage programs?



Edited: 10 Feb 2004, 9:52 p.m.


Dear Michel,

much better than LINK PLUS or TRANS41 is EMU41.

The full version of EMU41 includes advanced HP-IL controller features, some virtual IL-devices and a really great HP41 emulator including advanced features like Ram-Box or Hepax....

Refer to the HP-Museum article forum item 311 : HP-IL/PC Gateway & Emulator.

Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug