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Full Version: screw hp-15c and 10c
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I have a hp-15c and a hp-10c. Both were used when I purchased them. Under the 4 feet on the bottom are the 4 screws that hold it together (of course). One model has phillips screws and the other has what looks like star shaped torx screws. Were both types used, or has a previous owner switched the screws? I looked on this site for a picture of the reset hole where a foot would be removed and the screw still in place, but I did not see any. Any help greatly appreciated.

As I know the screws are all philips on the Voyagers (HP-10C, -12C, -15C, -16C) [at least all that I fixed/owned] and there is *no reset hole*. The only reset is to take out the batteries and short the terminals with a coin or a clip.

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I've never seen anything but phillips in any of the calcs... I can't remember if there were torx screws in the 9114 drive, but I've never seen them in calcs.


Yes,they used black oxide Torx T8's for a short time in the Voyagers. 100% original.

I have a bunch of original HP Phillips heads for the Voyagers in both silver and black as well as black oxide #2x3/8" Phillips sheet metal screws for the bottom cases holes in 41's. Email me if you need any: etron-at-comcast-dot-net.

My HP-71 (1BBBB) has torx screws.

Dr. Mikey, your beloved HP71 is infested with Torx (T6)...

Thanks for all the input. Randy you're right, the black oxide Torx T8's are exactly what's in the the 15C. I bought it from the original owner and he told me that the feet fell off, but the calc. had never been opened. That was my first voyager. Then when I recently aquired the 10C I noticed the silver phillips screws and got to wondering. After closer examination, Nelson is correct also, that hole under the upper right foot is not a reset button. I don't know what it is, but there is a small hole that looked like a paper clip could be used there to reset the calc. I tried it, but the bottom of the hole is solid.

Thanks Again!

On the early Voyagers, the logic module was a separate from the keyboard. The two were connected with a flexible circuit and an elastomeric connector on the upper right side of the calculator.

The hole you see under the upper right foot is a pin that projects from the front of the case and fits into the back of the case.

There is a molded "dog bone" in the back of the case that applies pressure on the connector. For this reason, these older, original design Voyagers will not function correctly with the back off the unit as the pressure plate for the keyboard connector is gone. You can see the connector and pins on the upper right side in one of Dave's photos here: http://www.hpmuseum.org/10cint.jpg.

FWIW, the easiest way to tell if your Voyager is a one or two board design is the battery connections. If the connectors are symmetrical, as in the photo above, it is an early version two piece. If there is a spring on the left and gold pin on the right, it is a one piece.

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D-mn! I knew I used a Torx driver for something... I completely forgot about the 71! Boy. Do I feel stupid....

Did I mention we've had snow here......?

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I'm sorry, George. Everytime I see the heading on your post, I take it as if you're expressing your extreme dissatisfaction for the two Voyagers.

I just can't help it...

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Then there are those nasty little security Torx screws in some of the classic series chargers. Good luck finding the proper bit for them little buggers.

I thought that subject title might be an attention grabber. Guess it worked. Thanks again for the info.