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Full Version: Those who can't write, write manuals
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Okay, what do you do when step-by-step instructions don't match reality?

I downloaded the ROM 1.23 update. While www.hpcalc.org's instructions say one thing, the README file in the update itself says different. And neither works.

I'm supposed to press + and ñ (n-tilde) together while I push the RESET button. That's the Gospel according to St. Readme. On the other hand, I am to press ON and F4 first, then + and ñ together while I push RESET. That's the Gospel according to St. HPCalcOrg.

Sorry, fellas, it ain't happening. The "No System" menu refuses to show up.

Maybe I neglected to press SIN, COS and TAN together while I licked the screen?


The link above has instructions for upgrading the ROM using an SD card on the 49g+.

That should be applicable enough to figure it out even if not using an SD card.

Sorry, but I don't know anything about the update instructions in the 1.23 ROM.

It should say "press the + and - keys simultaneously and then push the reset button on the back using a paperclip. Then wait a second or two before releasing the + and - keys. ". This worked fine for me on the second try. Good luck.