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Full Version: HP 82162A Thermal Printer - Help Needed
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Does anyone out there in HP-IL land have any information pertaining to repairing an 82162A Thermal Printer?

I believe the batteries in both the printer and my HP 82161A cassette drive are defunct as well. Does anyone have any idea of where to find replacement batteries that would work for these units?

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Thanks Folks,
Wilson (Bill) Holes

Edited: 17 Jan 2004, 7:54 p.m.

This guy sells these batteries on eBay for a long time.


Or open your old battery pack, buy 4 tabed "SUB-C" size batteries and rebuilt the pack.

Good Luck!

Edited: 17 Jan 2004, 8:33 p.m.

The pack uses standard sub-C sized nicad cells. Any good battery store (Batteries Plus, Batteries Etc) can rebuild the pack for you. If you are handy and have a Harbor Freight Tools store near you they currently have a 12V (10 cell) electric drill pack on sale for $6.00. It has enough cells to rebuild 2.5 HP packs. Be careful soldering to the cells. Heat is the enemy of all batteries.