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Full Version: Question about 82143 printer battery pack
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Good day all.

I recently purchased an HP 82143A printer/plotter from Australia. Their plugs are (obviously) different. I would like to get my printer to work.

1) Inside the printer are four batteries that look like C cells. (I suspect they are re-chargable). Are they C's? Can I change these for alkalines? Is this advisable?

What other options do I have in the event that I can't find a converter for the printer?




The batteries are sub-C NiCads. You should have no trouble finding replacements to rebuild your pack. They are in just about every cheap electric drill power pack.

Thanks David, I will look into the batteries - however the charger itself is Australian, and the plug shapes are different (imagine kind of a "V" shape). Therefore, I will still need to get a charger to run the printer - or am I missing something?



You can get an AC adapter # 82059D on eBay for about $10.00. It is the standard 110 volt AC adapter for the HP-41, HP-71, and HP-75 equipment.

Australia uses 230 volts, so your adapter would not work in North America unless it has a voltage switch built into it, or unless you bought a step-up transformer for it, which would be more expensive than buying the 110 volt adapter.

The manual recommends that the printer not be run on the AC adapter unless a battery pack is installed.