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Full Version: HPIL PC board: works but test keeps failing
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Hi all,
following the advice that the bus could be too fast, I got a 486DX33? and installed the whole stuff, and used a copy of TRANS41.
It worked, at least I understand so. I was able to dump whatever I wrote, programs back and forth, etc.

Just to be sure, I tried the test that should be part of the software that came with the board.
It failed, HPIL link is broken.
So now, I suspect that TRANS41 could work on the faster pc, but also other stuff could work.

I am waiting the enanched EMU41 program to test it on both machines.

Which is the fastest machine on which you were able to run the HP82973 board?


Giuseppe Marullo

Dear Guiseppe,

you are right, original HP software and LINK PLUS have speed limits, and only run correctly with old low speed PC hardware. This limites depends on software - not on hardware.

TRANS41 and EMU41 do not include speed problems - I use them with a 800MHZ PC and with a 1GHz PC without any limitation.

For modern operating systems like WIN2000/XP/NT you have to install the additionally software tool for address routing...

Best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

thank you for your answer. Since I plan to use mainly EMU41 (and maybe TRANS41), I will surely try to make it run on the PII. I simply don't know what could be useful to me, EMU41 seems the killier app here.

BTW, what do you mean with "software tool for address routing..." ? Are your referring to something able to make direct I/O access under w2k/XP, like inpout32, userport etc?

Giuseppe Marullo

Dear Guiseppe,

yes - for I/O access i take the userport software tool....

Regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

This sounds cool, so you could perform hpil within w2k and XP.
For example, I could write a HPIL sniffer using Delphi.

Any snipplet of cod you could share? :)