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Full Version: Did HP relaunch the HP48GII
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I checked FRY's website and they have relisted the HP49GII after being discontinued for a while due to the HP recall. I just called them and asked whether the HP48GII they have listed are new. The person on the phone said that they have receive them a few days ago!! I did explain the recall problem and that HP'web site mentioned middle of Jan 2004 as the (re)launch date for the HP48GII.

Is HP relaunching the HP48GII and doing it in an informal initial way???


Weird. My 48GII developed a couple of horizontal lines of dead pixels. HP said they'd send me a new one, but I wouldn't get it until late January or early February since they had recalled all the old ones and were waiting for the new ones.

Thanks! I am trying to figure it out which version of the HP4GII (recalled or relaunched) FRY's is selling!!

I would guess the ROM version would be different. ROM 1.20 had the power-off bug.

Fixed units shouldn't have that ROM version any longer.

Guesses only.