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Full Version: "Expensive" HP 48GX
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Just back from a New Year celebration. I just checked Ebay because I bid on an auction. When checking other hp calc auctions, I saw this:-
An HP 48GX going for $325! Has something happened with supply and demand for this calc type, or is there some funny business going on? Anyone's guess.


AFAIK the real HP-48 machines are out of production,
even the normal 49G trash bit the dust.

$325 seems to be somewhat expensive, because it's only the blister packed version. The version in a real BOX is much more worthy than the one in the blister (IMHO;-)


For anyone dissapointed at missing the item he has another one available.


Currently at $107.50, but still 6 1/2 days to go and the previous 'unlucky' bidders don't seem to have bid yet. As the reserve price is already met I guess the $325 was a nice surprise and one that could be repeated?.

Two weeks ago, the local (Las Vegas) Fry's still had NIBP ("new in blister pack") 48 GXs - for a lot less than $325!

Some weeks ago I found two HP-48GX in a bookshop (new units). They asked me 200 eur aprox. each and I though it was too expensive.
May be I should buy them, if they are still available. What do you think?