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Full Version: Dave: More HP Museum Photo (from the other Mike)
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Once again, this other Mike Davis is using an HP Museum photo, without giving credit. He seems to be making a career of using other people's photos. He has even used mine. He is calling it a "stock" photo, as if it is his "stock". I guess Dave, you are "stocking" him with photos.

HP Museum Photo

And once again, I have to remind folks, that that seller is not me (mikesdavis). I am still receiving emails from people that think this seller and I are the same. He seems to be counting on that confusion.

Please don't confuse this auction with one of mine.

PS: I would like to hear from anyone if they have been given the impression that he and I are the same person.

Edited: 28 Dec 2003, 3:43 p.m.

Not after your previous post. Although in his item descriptions he says that it is not an actual item photo so you got to give him a small credit for that. He was selling HP-16 lately and although I was interested, after reading your previous post I got suspicious and gave up. Thanks (real) Mike.

No need to be suspicious, really. Just be careful. People who buy based on mint photos and receive something less than mint, will likely be a little disappointed.

Quite frankly, I don't understand the point of showing any photos if they are not what you are selling. The ONLY people buying these are those that already know what they are. What value is there to see a MINT photo that is not what you are selling, unless it is to make you think you are buying something mint.

Mike; That "off brand mike" does seem a bit dodgy and it sure looks like he is riding the coat tails of your well earned good name. However; there is one inocent reason to use "stock" photos. Maybe he doesn't have a digital camera. If so then he should include a list of all problems and any visible blemishes. Otherwise it would look like he is trying to pull a fast one.

Real Mike: <grin>

By chance, as simple and silly as this sounds, have tried asking this guy to change his ID? (Will eBay carry his feedback to a new name if there's a good reason?)

Seems like a reasonable request, given the relatively small number of regular antique calc sellers, and the fact that this guy really complicates your eBay life.

I'd participate in a e-mail petition to this guy, if it would help. (I wouldn't do anything without your request).


P.S. I still like the idea of Dave Hicks temporarily substituting ugly photos for the ones "lifted" for auctions without permission. Maybe one like that awful HP-15C....

if his real name is Mike Davis

It's not the ID that is so confusing. Well, not really. But when people contact him and find out his name is Mike Davis, they assume it's me (at least some do). I even had one person want me to give a combined shipping quote for one of my items and one of his.

It was further confusing when he used one of my photos and cut and pasted my text into an auction. When I read the auction and saw the photo, I even thought it was mine. (almost)

I just don't want to have to take the heat for him, when someone buys one of his thinking they are getting a MINT item because of the MINT photos he shows. It is the missuse of photos that is the issue in this thread.

Substituting photos wouldn't do any good. He didn't link to Daves. He just copied it, without giving credit. So, if Dave changed his, it wouldn't show up in the auction.

Edited: 30 Dec 2003, 12:45 a.m.

Well, I'm still not sure a little postive request or negative heat wouldn't help.

Just let us know. Might still be worth a try.

P.S. Will you come down on the price of that HP-97? Oh, that's not yours. (sorry-- probably not funny.)