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Full Version: HP48G for >$175?
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wow. a bidding war over a vanilla HP48g.


I think they were fake bidders, because no one with some brain would pay that much for a simple 48G these days;-)

However, a few hours ago an auction ended for an HP-48 SX (eBay 2582747798) . The winning bid was 74 EUR !

But this unit came complete with box.



Interesting. This auction has many, many bids placed by users with zero feedback. The seller also had an earlier auction for a Dish Network 500 antenna. The auction for the 48G and the antenna both had numerous bids from mi-bu2003 (0).

Now what are the odds that mi-bu2003 is interested in two disparate auctions from the same seller?

Can you say "shill"?

I think I'll report this one.

Mark Hardman

Maybe he's a tv addict who uses his 48 as a remote control. Maybe, but i doubt it.

I think he won the item himself ;-))

And then there were these from the same seller:




Look at what he has been selling, most have pics and now suddenly not one but two 15C’s new in the box? Just remember: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. I wonder how long it’s going to take for feedback to show up, good or bad.