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Full Version: Conn4x (for 49g+ et al.) installation problems.
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A post on comp.sys.hp48:

I am not sure how the version on the HP web got to be an executable instead of the Zip file I supplied BUT that seems to be the
problem. After you download the .exe do not run it. Instead use WinZip and Unzip the contents to a folder. Then run Setup.exe
from that folder and Conn4x will install anywhere you like with no problems (at least I was able to eliminate the errors this way).

There have been a couple of other errors mentioned during install and I suspect the same reason but cannot be sure.

Hope this helps.

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Bill Graves RKBA!


Note that PKware products don't know what to make of the compressed
file. WinZip does work with it.

On my system, (running MS Windows 98SE) the first time that I plug in
and turn on the 49g+, Windows does its "found new hardware" routine and
complains that it can't find the file HPx9G.cat. The "Find Files or
Folders" can't find it either. I told it to "Skip this file", and Conn4x
seems to work ok.

But I have a "UC310 USB Serial Converter" (it uses a Prolific Technology
PL-2303 chip) that I'd been using for the connection to my UPS. Even
after installing the latest drivers that I could find for the converter,
if I use Conn4x when the converter is in use with the UPS, I soon get
the "Blue Screen of Death". Usually, the "press any key to continue"
gets me back to Conn4x, but I've lost the connection to the UPS and
can't establish a new one until I do a reboot. As far as I've noticed, I
can have the converter connected to the USB (so device manager says it's
there) as long as I don't have anything connected to its serial port. I
don't know which has the problem, the converter or the Conn4x and HPx9G
USB drivers package, but they don't work together.

If you have problems when trying Conn4x, try removing, where feasible,
other USB devices.


An update on my BSOD problem when using the "USB Serial" converter and
Conn4x at the same time: I've found and installed an even newer (version set of drivers for the converter, and the BSOD problem seems to
be gone. I can now use the converter for the connection to the UPS, and
use the real COM1 for connections to the calculators (except for the
49g+) and so on.

Well, the old Xmodem connectivity kit still won't work through the
converter, nor will Conn4x. Now the converter's serial port shows up as
COM6, so I can no longer connect HPComm through it. But the "Capture
Image..." on HPComm never did work through the converter anyway.