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Full Version: 48GX - Need a Display
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Where can I get a new display for a 48GX?

Buy the cheapest 38G you can find on eBay.

All LCDs on the 38/39/40/48/49 series are electrically the same. Buy a 39 if you want a black screen.

Someone told me that you can't exchange a normal blue GX display with a new black one because of some different surrounding electronics.

However, if it is possible,
let me know.

I recently bought a new G+ with black display,
and if there is a chance to fit that display into one of my older GX's with molded keys, it would be very nice;-)


Does that mean my molded key Singapore 48G with the black screen is not working? Seems okay to me...

The only difference in the screens are the older, non-reinforced blue lcd's from the early G's and GX's. They are thinner and require different zebra strips to make proper contact.

When exchanging lcd's, never remove the zebra strips from the display as they provide the proper top to bottom spacing when reinstalling. You'll only need to carefully center the display left to right. Use the raised edge of the surrounding metal frame underneath and the edge of the glass for reference.

Randy that's very difficult, I had several problems on doing that last year, it was very difficult. I had to open en re-open the calc several times.

Do you think that is possible to put a Backlight in this type of LCD?

While I have no doubt you had trouble with the exchange, my point was there are no incompatibilities with the lcd's. I never said it was easy.

Some care with the twist tabs, the pliers used and the order in which they are closed is very important. Any speck of board material or dirt on the zebras is a lost column or row, so yes, it can be problematic.

With enough time and careful examination, the swap should be uneventful.

As for backlighting:

  • You would weaken the display by removing the black opaque reinforcement plate on the back of the lcd.
  • You would need some means of turning it on and off.
  • You only have about 0.040 inches in which to squeeze the light in between the logic board and lcd.
  • You would need a light 1.65" x 2.75".

Solve those problems and the only issue remaining is what is does to battery life.

Edited: 18 Dec 2003, 8:11 p.m.

Thanks to all. I'll be doing an operation soon.

I have a spare one. ;o) Please contact me.

Hi "gifron"

would you be so kind and document the operation with some pictures? I would be a nice submission to this site...

Best regards


Sure - If I actually get a display. And then, if I actually have time to do the operation. I probably will get it done, but it may be a while. If so, I can take some pics, but my camera is very low resolution, yielding poor quality pictures, or maybe I'm just a poor photographer ;^)