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Full Version: New Conn4x & USB driver kit for 49g+ et al. with "ASCII" support
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A new Conn4x (with "ASCII text" support) and USB drivers kit for the
49g+ is available at
The new Conn4x revision is "2.1.2118", and the new USB driver revision
is "1.01.0000.0"; I don't know why they still have the old revision
"" USB driver kit listed. Just download the new "hp48gII and
hp49g+ PC Connectivity Kit and USB Drivers" package and install that.
This one actually works on my PC.

This should solve the problem of using text files from the 48 series or
49G on the 48g+.

Note that you have to go to the "business support" part of HP's website to find
the new package. The "home and home office" part doesn't have it.


Edited: 17 Dec 2003, 7:44 a.m.

Someone on COMP.SYS.HP48 reported problems installing this in anything other than the default directory. I too had trouble when I tried to point the installation to a particular destination.

If anyone comes up with a workaround, I'd like to hear about it!