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Full Version: 48sx Keys Not Working!
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Hi there:

I have a 48sx, and noticed today that the 5 right-most keys on the 3rd row from top (i.e. STO, EVAL, LEFT ARROW, DOWN ARROW, and RIGHT ARROW) are not working. The ' key beside them does work however. And when I shake the calculator, voila, they work. It appears there may be a loose contact. I also noticed with the card removed from the expansion slot, the problem goes away.

Any ideas? Any thought on what may be wrong, and if it is fixable?

Thanks in advance!

Recently there has been a discussion about a similar problem in a similar calculator.

"Similar calculator" from an internal construction standpoint that is. I think you'll find that the explanation there applies in general to your calculator as well.

To fix it, you'll probably want to open it. There are a number of pages scattered about describing how to open an HP-48. (That's been discussed in the Forum a number of times, too!) I've heard of three methods: removing the aluminum faceplate, drilling hidden holes to cut posts, and simply prying the thing apart. FWIW, I think the second approach is probably best, but I'm sure there are others who will differ.

(All of the above assumes my experience with HP-48G's applies to HP-48SX's as well -- I'd be very surprised to learn that it doesn't.)

Good luck!