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Full Version: HP-82143A vs HP-82162A
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Are there other difference between these printer other than the interface (as printing capabilities)?


Hello, Michel;

yes, there are a few differences, and they are related to the new FMT function available with the IL Printer Functions and the buffer size: 101 characters for the HP82162A and only 44 in the HP82143A. I think this difference is the major reason that allows the HP82162A to print barcodes, not possible (AFAIK) with the HP82143A.

That's what I remember by heart, now.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

Hey! Luiz nice to read you again!

Do you look at the CX board? ;-)



I'll be back to HP stuff after next week, this time for sure. Some old issues (NEVER forgotten, just delayed) first, but your Mboard will be taken in the best care possible :)

About your question: did you find the references I mentioned about the HPIL printing resources? I have no HPIL printer, but the differences are not too big. Some major printing enhancements are available with the IR module (82242A) and the IR printer (82240A/B). The best of the HP41 IR module (at least for me) is that you can "print" to an HP48 IR input (with inprt program running on it) and easily convert HP41 "user" code into plain ASCII data, suited to be stored and/or converted to PostScript-compatible barcode or LIF data. This is something to be considered when you do not have the IL facilities for the HP41 and want to share your programs with users having IL systems. Also, you can "trace" programs the same way, and check the final tracing in the HP48 screen... Seeing is believing: the HP48 becomes a debugging tool for the HP41 plus 82242A IR module system.

Best regards, my friend. (I'm taking my last minutes as something useful before getting to bed... It's about 1:25 AM in Brazil right now)

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 15 Dec 2003, 10:37 p.m.

I believe the HP-82162A has some plotting capabilites the HP-82143A does not.


Can i print HP-1 bar code on the printer directly from the HP-41?

Hi, Michel;

unfortunately I cannot answer your question. I have no HPIL printer and I do not know (at least so far) if this is possible. In time: Is HP-1 the code used in the HP41 barcode coding? I remember I read about this code sometime ago (put a lot of "sometime" on these) and I was almost sure it's one os the simplest barcode existing. Is it an HP standard?

Sorry not being of so much help... Maybe an extra thread about this particular subject would give better, direct answers.

Best regards

Luiz (Brazil)

Yes, you need the HP-IL printer and the Plotter ROM Pac (a rather scarce and expensive beastie).