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Full Version: Cassette drive (Looking for Pascal)
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Salu Pascal.
The e-mail address you've provided me was not working. I received two messages telling me that your address is invalid. So I try to reach you this way. According your name I assume that you live in the Romandie somewhere? I am afried my French is terrible bad so I am writing you in English. Is this OK with you? About your exiting news concerning the cassette drive. Please let me know what you are asking for the unit. I think I need the board with the two motors on it (in case you want to sell the unit in parts). Selling, traiding anything goes. I live in Kaisten AG near Basel so collecting would be an option as well as shipping is. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Merci beaucoup et a tout a l'heure

best regards Stephan

I left you a message with an alternate e-mail address.