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Full Version: Sandbox ROM question for Angel
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I congradulate you on the Sandbox project--excellent work.
My question: As I understand your manual your multifunctions only program as the first item in the sub-catalog? Have you considered picking up the index number from the next program line?

I ask because as part of my learning curve in dealing with mcode I wrote a generalized subroutine which can grab a line of program code (a 3 digit integer: 001,025,etc.) and turn it into a binary number. I developed it to use with non-normalized RCL and STO instructions.

For example, (program lines) 025 CLX 026 RCLNN 027 010 028 *
This will clear the x-reg. do a non-normalized recall of register 10 and then multiply. I was able, in fact to do RCL,STO, EXCHANGES, and even indirection. You are certainly welcome to the code if you think it could work. Actually I've even used this code to pass a flag number to a routine to SET and/or CLEAR any flag.


David, this as a superb idea and a very gracious offering!

In fact, that's *exactly* the method used by the HEPAX module in their implementation of the multifunctions: even if introduced their names with HEPAXA, it defaults to the indexed form and takes it from the following program line.

I've mailed you with some details, let's get this off-line and we'll get a better SANDBOX ready in a few days (optimist is my middle name :-)



I suggest using the method that I use in the ML ROM, using an alpha string as the argument. This offers an easy way to keep the code somewhat readable and alloes for much longer rguments as well.