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Full Version: Calculator service
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My new 48GII has suddenly developed two horizontal "dead" lines in the display. No pixels on these lines (which run the length of the display) will work.

I need to send the calculator in for service (i.e. HP will toss it in the trash and send me another one), but have not been able to figure out how to do this from the HP web site. I did find places to check on the service status of the calc if it were in for service, and places to call for service on just about every consumer HP product _except_ calculators...

Usually they should tell you how to send you calculator in for service in the manual. That what they used to do before the web.

Start at www.hp.com -- "Handhelds" -- "Calculators" -- "Calculators Support"

Under "Matching Products" choose "hp 48gii graphing calculator" - choose "solve a problem" -- in the "Other support options" choose (the only one) "contact hp" -- under "Call HP" choose "Call technical support after you buy"

That's the roundabout way of telling you how to find the number, which is: 1-800-HP-invent (1-800-474-6836).

The voice recognition system didn't ever recognise my calculator product name ("HP-49G+ Graphing Calculator") but a Forum contributor recommended sticking with "other". Just say "other" a few times and you'll be connected to a "call director" (a human being!) who should then put you in touch with someone in calculator support.

(Before I found out about the "other" trick, I was shunted to all manner of offices and persons and only-tangentially-related-entities without ever getting where I needed to be. It really does appear to be a huge, sprawled-out, barely-connected, multinational monstrosity!)

Thanks! The "other" trick did it.

Our thanks are owed to Jeff, who passed the approach on to me, in my hour of need.

Thanks, Jeff!