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Full Version: HP10BII from a "friendly lurker"
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Hello, folks;

I'm taking my "last-minute measures" so I'm getting ready to be back posting ASAP. I thought I'd be ready sooner, but things got a bit more complicated than I expected :)

I could not help posting about an HP10BII sent to me in August. One of the Forum's readers, who asked me to refer to him as a "friendly lurker" (Hi, J.D.), asked me to evaluate a unit as is (LCD contents) and post my final impressions. His very words:

"I'll send you the calculator, soft case and handbook. Take a look at it. When you have completed your postmortem just e-mail what you think."

The major problem is the "zebra" connector between the mainboard and the LCD. It s..ks! It's definitely the worst part of the calculator as a whole. It's too thin and is easily damaged. It cannot hold the calculator's LCD weight.

For now I cannot take a time to think of a replacement, but I believe this would improve a lot the quality of the unit. For those who do not own or have not yet used an HP10BII, it must be mentioned the fact that the calculator is not an HP genuine, instead (as mentioned many times here) it comes from a thirdy-part manufacturer.

Thank you, "friendly lurker", and sorry taking too long to post. I'll add a few pictures (scanned images) of the calculator's "guts" so others can see them, too. One fact I cannot suppress: the interlocks for both upper- and lower-half (case) are well designed, and do not crack when disassembling the calculator.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 8 Dec 2003, 11:07 p.m.