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Full Version: 33S Schedule Updates
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Samson Cables: "ETA Dec/Jan"

HPcalc.org: "ETA of late December or early January"

Calculator Source: "12/1/03 - This item is not yet in stock. We currently expect it to be available in mid January of 2004."

PPI Forum: Subject Re: HP 33S. Posted by toolguy on 12-02-2003 09:26. "I just spoke with a nice lady in calculator support at HP and asked about the release of the 33s. She told me it would be released sometime in the first quarter of next year."






And this is also interesting:

NCEES: HP-33s (Pre-orders will be taken exclusively at Staples.com for the next couple months.)


Doesn't seem to be very accurate, since (1) lots of other retailers are taking pre-orders for the 33S, and (2) Staples.com apparently is not.

For UK based people see also Classic Calculators:


Who quote "Sometime in december 2003" for delivery of the 33S and are taking pre orders/reservations now.