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Full Version: hp33e
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I was given a HP33E a few weeks ago by my boss, who no longer wanted it and it had battery pack trouble, which people on this forum helped me with. Much appreciated.
Now a bigger problem, which I'm sure isn't solvable:
The E version doesn't have constant memory, which the C version does have.
Is there anyway of rigging it up so that memory can be constant with power off?
Yes I know, I could have bought the C version. But this one was a freebee to me and it runs fine, except when I turn it off and loose everything on it.

Thanking anyone in advance


I have not heard of modifications that would enable what you are looking for. The power use of the chip used prevent practical battery life. Your best bet is to have it permanently connected to AC and leave the calc on at all times (maybe with only a . in the display).

Edited: 2 Dec 2003, 11:40 a.m.

Thanks Dave for your help. Doing that at this very moment.