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Full Version: HP-31e
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I have just come across a HP-31e in the original box with manuals and power supply. I put two AA batteries in it and it works. However, the 9 and . do not have the click feeling on the button, but still work. It has the metal battery cage and plastic clip. Just wondering what it is worth? Thanks.

One way you may find an indication as to how much your HP-31e worth is to visit eBay.com. You may find many HP calculators in this auction site.

I have checked the auctions. Only found HP-35's which I have from 1972. I have the original shipping box, plastic storage box, manual, leather case, etc. It all works but the battery has been replaced with different ones.

The HP-31e is not listed in any auction. It's either not readily available, difficult to find or no one cares.

The collectors corner (click on prices on the main page) has some info. The HP-31e does turn up for sale less than the HP-35 but the HP-35 is considered more significant

Hi Ken,

I bought a 31E on ebay about a month ago and paid around $100. It came with a charger and was in very good condition, but no manuals or box.

It's the only one that I've seen on ebay in a long time.


There is a HP-31e now on ebay and is currently at 118 with 5 days to go. I am kind of surprised. Thanks for you feedback , it is appreciated.

thanks for the feedback. I'll look at collectors corner. I was also considering putting the HP-35 on ebay but it is hard to part with it. Ken