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Full Version: HP-97 PRINTER
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I have an HP-97 with the typical broken gear in the printer. Getting a new one of these gears in Europe is quite difficult. In the other hand I have also an 82143A printer (the one that works with the HP-41 calculators). I see the printer itself is very similar. Most of the components are just the same, and it woks with pulleys instead of gears (clearly improved design). Even the assembly points are the same and I am sure it fits perfect in the HP 97. The connectors for the engine and paper detection are identical. The flex connector must be changed but that is easy. However the engine is bigger.
As these printers are not so expensive, I think they could be a very good source of spare parts. Has anybody tried to install the printer of the 82143A in one HP-97 (or HP-91, HP-92)?

They are NOT compatible. The HP41 printer runs much faster and its print head has a different resistance and is driven by a much higher voltage. You can however use many other HP41 printer parts in the HP97, etc.

Hi David:

What happens if I transplantate the complete 82143A´s printer but using the 97´s head?.

Still wont work. The HP41 printer moves the head 2.5 times as fast as the HP97. This is why they redesigned the printhead. The dots needed to be driven much harder in order to heat up in the shorter time available.